Thursday, October 31, 2013

Habits and Happenings

My 3-year-old has developed a habit (don’t we all).  Much to the chagrin of Tara and me, it is not the habit that most 3-year-olds should have . . . such as, ummm…being potty trained.  No, the habit he has is the need to have someone next to him to fall asleep. So, each night, someone from the house has to go through the routine.  When I say “someone,” it pretty much means a sibling that we can convince to help the little brother…usually the mother hen, Chloe.
Well, tonight, I lost the family face-off to the Voice (thank goodness Cee-Lo lost the cranial tattoos).  So, it is my night to watch over him. I am afraid to move due to the fact that he has the creakiest bed in the house and is the lightest sleeper. I am pretty sure I will be here for the duration, or at least until I can close my laptop, hopefully, after making a point or two (I am keeping my goals realistic).   
Like my mind, this article is about to go to a million places (or just four), all of which I hope I can connect to you. If not, I can at least hope that it puts you to sleep quicker than Cortland (the aforementioned 3-year-old).
1. Report Cards:  These are being sent home on Friday, Nov. 1.  Our hope is for you to look over the report card, talk about it with your child, and arrive at Andrew Curtin on Nov. 26 and 27, ready to ask questions about your child’s progress.  Can’t wait for conferences?  Contact your child’s teacher via e-mail or telephone.  You are an integral part of our success.
2. “Return to Glory” Change Challenge:  The Williamsport Area School District Education Foundation is sponsoring a change challenge to support its capital campaign, which will allow WASD to update its outdoor sports’ complexes.  Still, this campaign is about more than sports. It is about providing a platform for all students to perform as athletes, musicians, and scholars.  Please consider helping WASD “Return to Glory”.
3. Looking Back, Moving Forward:  Thank you to all of our families and friends who spent time with us during the last month. It was great to see so many familiar faces and meet the families I have been given the opportunity to work alongside in creating a true community for our children.  Please plan to spend more time at Curtin during our conferences this month.  Also, in the spirit of preparation, our building will host not one, but three concerts in December. Orchestra will be on Dec. 4; Band on Dec. 11, and Choir on Dec. 18.  All concerts will begin at 7 p.m.
4. As I See It: Each day, I walk through the halls of AGC checking the pulse of the building, and each day I am more inspired by the tremendous efforts being put forth by our students and our entire staff.  Yes, we will experience growing pains, but we will always be committed to growing. 
If you are reading this conclusion, it means 1) you were able to endure my flight of ideas ; and 2) I was able to escape the hypnotic tones of Cortland’s sound machine to complete this message. But, something tells me I will hear them again at 2 a.m. when he realizes I left.  I promise; I will let you sleep.

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