Tuesday, August 27, 2013

And So We Put Our Hands Up...

Each summer, there is a moment. No, not one in which my head is about to explode due to the incessant fighting between my boys, the pouting of my daughter, or just the straight-up insanity of my 2.5 year old. No, serious- ly...one day I arrived home to find him on the kitchen table after nailing his dismount from the light fixture just a few feet above the table. Although his mother was in sight, I am not sure that would have mattered. Yes, there were many manic moments. However, the moment I am referencing is the one which struck me with the inspiration for my back-to-school message.
Yes folks, it kind of hit me like the piece of watermelon that was launched across the aforementioned kitchen by one of the aforementioned children. I will let you guess which one, and the first two won’t count.
As we enter the 2013-14 school year, I ask that you give your child a high-five and talk about the following points:
1. Lend a hand: Our District’s mission is developing responsible citizens through excellence in education. Part of the responsibility is recognizing the fact that EVERYONE accomplishes more through helping others.
Give them a hand: As in a round of applause. Celebrate your child’s success, no matter how minor it may be perceived. Positive reinforcements for positive performances lead to an increased desire for our students to be present.

3. A bird in hand: At this impressionable age, it is easy – and expected – for our children to want what others have. Help your child reflect on, and be grateful for, the gifts he/she does have.
Hand in hand: Respect and success in school are nearly inseparable. When a child respects himself/herself, classmates, teachers and staff – as well as school property – an optimal learning environment can be created. We need you to create this foundation at home which will also enhance our school’s learning environment. 

5. Be hands-on: While we will continue to ask our students to be safe and keep their hands off one another, we ask you to be hands-on when it comes to your child’s education. Please discuss school daily and check your child’s backpack and agenda. Don’t hesitate to contact Curtin if you have a question.
The new school year is finally at hand, and the expectations which we have established are higher than ever. Still, now that we have tipped our hand to the keys to our success, we believe all things are possible. I am just not so sure about the shoe-tying I have been working on with the set of hands that inspired this piece. We’re too busy catching frogs and fish.
All the best. I look forward to meeting all of you, and (wait for it...) shaking your hand.
Mr. “This is as handy as I get” Michaels

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

AGC Travel Advisory

Please adhere to the following traffic guidlines as we prepare for the opening of school. Keeping our students safe is our #1 PRIORITY.

The Colors Continue

Our door decorators continue their contributions. We can't wait until these are open for business!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Monday, August 5, 2013

High Expectations for All = Excellence

August 5, 2013
Dear Parent/Guardian,
Welcome to the Andrew G. Curtin Community. I am sure the anticipation, and perhaps anxiety, is building for the impending school year.  With this in mind, I want to take a moment to provide a few “need-to-know” items to help your children and your families relax and enjoy the remainder of the summer.
Before we move to the proverbial nuts and bolts of opening our “new” school, I want to share a bit of insight as to what you can expect from the staff at Curtin Intermediate School; as well as what we expect from your child and from you, our parents.
1. From the Administration: Mr. Rathjen and I will work tirelessly to provide a safe, structured, child-centered environment in which each student will reach his/her full potential.
2. From Our Staff:  The staff at Andrew G. Curtin has been assembled from the schools across our district.  We will use this vast expertise and experiences to provide engaging educational opportunities for our children. Despite our diverse backgrounds, we will be united in one mission: developing responsible students through excellence in education.
3. From Our Students: It is easy for us to program our students to repeat the four tenets from our Positive School-wide Behavior System (PSBS). However, it is our intention to model, and in turn, have each child embody each expectation.  These expectations are to BE safe, BE present, BE respectful and BE responsible.
4. From Our Parents:  We ask you to become an active part of our community.  As a parent, I understand balancing work and the activities of your children is not always easy, but it is necessary. If you value their education and take an interest in what is going on at AGC, your children will more than likely follow your lead!
It is no secret; our District’s reconfiguration has us sailing into uncharted territories. Still, I am confident that incredible discoveries await us if we set our course for the same destination and row together.
Welcome Aboard!!
David J. Michaels