Monday, October 21, 2013

Fair Game


Next Week is our Fall Book Fair!
Here is what is in store…
Students will be able to shop during an assigned period during the week. They will also be able to shop during lunches.
On Wednesday, October 23rd, our grandparents and parents are welcome to join us for lunch. Lunch times are as follows:
Grade 5: 11:00 PM – 11:40 PM
Grade 6: 11:45 PM – 12:25 PM
Grade 4: 12:35 PM – 1: 15 PM
ADULT lunches cost $ 3.85
Also on Wednesday, we will have Family Night.  Families are ask to participate in a technology-based workshop and then are invited to shop at the Book Fair.  All families attending the workshop will receive a $1.00 voucher to be used that evening.

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