Monday, March 3, 2014

Perspective From the Bench

I recently wrapped up a gig as the coach of my son Cameron’s third-/fourth-grade basketball
team. Our season ended with our team losing both games of a doubleheader against two separate opponents. As much as the “High School Harry” (uber-competitive) side of me wanted to send my players out on top by stacking my lineup, I believed the lessons on individual growth and development we shared at the end of the games were greater than the thrill of a single team victory. It might just take our players 20 years to realize it.
After stewing over my lineup decisions for a few minutes (perhaps hours . . . I told you I am competitive), I began to equate my gaming experience to the forthcoming PSSA’s. As head coach of the Andrew G. Curtin Intermediate team, I have continually emphasized the importance of a strong showing on the impending state assessment tests. Perhaps it also can be considered our own version of March Madness. While our preparatory efforts have been nothing less than Herculean, we still have a great deal of work to do before and after the testing windows. As a building, we are
ready. Now we will ask you and your child to play your parts this month and beyond.
Much like the child (and/or the parent), who wonders and complains about not getting the ball, not getting playing time, nor remembering how to execute the plays, I want to remind you it is imperative that our children to do their part by working hard in and out of the classroom each day. If learning stops as our students exit the building, we are failing as a community in our call to develop life-long learners. Our coaching staff has worked tirelessly to put forth a tremendous game plan, but without our students studying and executing it, our performance will be lackluster. As a parent, and contrib- uting member of the Curtin theme, we remind you if you have questions about your child’s perform- ance or our expectations, please call a time out and set up a meeting with his/her teacher. Also, feel free to join our community on Monday, March 10th as we explore the PSSA’s in what we are calling, the “Battle of the Ages.”
In closing, what we do each day at AGC is not teaching to a test, it is coaching our students to be suc- cessful in the game of life while also keeping in mind that you win some, and you lose some. Now, if I could just remember this.
Game on,
Mr. Michaels
PS: Please be sure to peruse the rest of this month’s newsletter for more pre-game strategies.

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