Friday, January 3, 2014

Continuing the Countdown

The ball of crystal has officially dropped, and if I can’t keep my eyes off the Fiesta Bowl and my hands out of the Tostitos, I am in danger of dropping the ball on this back-to-school mes- sage. For the sake of time, which seems to be slipping away quicker with each glance at the TV, or Twitter, or Facebook . . ., I will look into AGC’s proverbial crystal ball and countdown (Times Square-style) to capture what is about to erupt here in 2014:
10: AGC will host professional actor Gregory Kenney on Jan. 10. He will bring significant historical figures to life with his talents. Parents are welcome to attend these morning perfor- mances.
9: Our second nine-week marking period comes to a close on Friday, Jan. 17.

8: There are just over eight weeks until our building conquers the PSSA’s. We will be ready.
7: This one is easy. This is the number of days a week your child should carve out at least 20 minutes to read. Read with them, near them, and even for them.
6: Jan. 6 is the first Monday of the month, which by itself means very little. Add seven days to it and you get Jan. 13, the date of our next CSA meeting. There is a lot to discuss as we head into the second semester. Please take 60 minutes out of that evening to come and see how you can support our community.

5: While I hope you can squeeze out more than 5 minutes of attention from your child, please pause each day to discuss what is happening in his/her life.
4: Check out the four ways you can connect with Curtin. Check us out on our website, Face- book page, building blog and on Twitter. We have you covered.

3: There are three sites which your child can use to extend our curriculum beyond our walls. They are Study Island, ConnectED and Gaggle. All sites are linked from our building homep- ages.
2: The Lycoming County Fitness Challenge will begin in just over two weeks. Keep an eye out for more information. Let’s show the entire county how strong our minds and our bodies really are.

1: As always, we ask for your support in achieving our one mission of developing responsible citizens through excellence in education each day.
Happy New Year! Sorry, that is the best I can do at midnight, a day late.
Mr. Michaels

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